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Instruction With Scott

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With over 6,500 hours of flight experience over four decades, Scott has extensive experience ranging from flying into major Class B air carrier airports as well as small non-towered rural fields.  His cross country experience includes flights into Canada, the Bahamas, the Midwest, Southeast, Southwest and West.  Aircraft experience includes simple fixed landing gear to high-performance and complex piston airplanes.  He has instructed at a local flight school where he provided primary and advanced instruction in school aircraft.  He serves the general aviation pilot community at Westchester County Airport as a Board member and the primary air traffic control liaison for the Westchester Aviation Association.

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Scott holds the following FAA certificates and ratings:

  • Flight Instructor, Single Engine

  • Flight Instructor, Instrument

  • Multi-engine Airline Transport Pilot

  • Commercial single-engine land

  • Commercial single-engine sea

  • Instrument Airplane

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Scott specializes in equipping pilots with knowledge and experience well beyond the FAA minimums required for the commercial pilot certificate and instrument ratings, so they can confidently and safely use their aircraft for cross country travel and get the most out of their installed equipment.  This requires practical experience with long-distance weather, aircraft performance, air traffic control procedures at busy terminals as well as in rural areas, risk assessment and human performance limitations.  Sometimes that means making a "no-go" decision, and always in the air that means constantly evaluating how the flight is progressing and what lies ahead. This instruction takes place both on the ground and in real-world flight.  He is equally at home using analog and electronic flight instrumentation and avionics.  Scott works with clients both with and without instrument ratings.  He also provides flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks for clients.

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Landscape of midtown Manhattan, taken from the air over the Hudson River looking East on a clear day

Scott's Background

Smitten with the aviation bug since the early days of NASA, Scott started flying 40 years ago and has gone on to enjoy general aviation in many forms. He has trained in large piston aircraft, including the B-25 WWII bomber and the Martin 404 airliner from the '50s and '60s. For fun he flies seaplanes and airplanes fitted with skis for winter flying. He has piloted family trips through Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Arizona and has over 200 trips flown in all seasons as a volunteer pilot for organizations such as Angel Flight NE transporting medical patients and their families. He has used his aircraft for business flights to destinations throughout the Eastern United States as well as into Canada and the Caribbean. He never ceases to find joy in the views and satisfaction that general aviation brings to him, and in working with clients who are dedicated to becoming better pilots. Scott is married with two grown children, and had 35 years of experience as a lawyer with a major United States law firm based in New York City before his retirement.

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