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HPN IFR Preferred Routings

The following pages come from a site by Ed Williams, and contain lots of good information for IFR flight.

Procedure Turns Explained and Explored

Weather in the Vertical & Skew T Charts

IFR Departure Decision Tree

WAAS Explained

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) logo
Satellite weather image of Northeast United States
Skew T Chart
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Scott Dyer is a flight instructor who works with VFR and IFR pilots. He is based at Westchester County Airport in White Plains New York (HPN) and is willing to travel to work with you. He works throughout the Northeast, including the Hudson Valley, Westchester County, Danbury, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Teterboro Airport, Caldwell Airport, Dutchess County Airport, Massachusetts, and other regions. Scott Dyer is an IFR flight instructor who works with analog and G1000 systems (technologically advanced airplanes). Scott Dyer is a cross-country flight instructor, who provides both advanced and basic instruction. Based out of HPN in Westchester New York, he serves New York City (NYC) pilots as well as pilots throughout the northeast. Scott flies a Cessna, and provides mentorship for pilots as well as flight instruction. Scott creates instructional videos about IFR topics such as RNAV, GPS navigation, WAAS, flying the hudson river corridor, and much more. He is available to work at Danbury, Dutchess County, White Plains (HPN), Teterboro, Caldwell, and many other airports in the New York Metropolitan area, as well as the Northeast region. Scott has extensive experience flying IFR (instrument flight) throughout the Northeast and into many airports, both rural and major commercial hubs. 

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